In UBE, you learn to simplify your schedule so you can work less and get a shit ton done.  

Your schedule is your business.  So if you feel out of control or constantly behind, your business probably feels that way too.

When you simplify your schedule, you simplify your business.  You clean up the messes, systematize, create a well-oiled machine.

So it’s ready to scale to multiple 6 figures, 7 figures are beyond.  

You have to slow down to speed up.  Slowing down is simplifying and it all starts with your schedule.

If you can’t get it done in 30 hours or less, it’s too complicated.

Less is more.

Simple is more effective.

It’s not hard to have a successful business where you work a ton of hours, are at the beck and call of clients, and have complicated systems and processes.  Lots of entrepreneurs do business this way.  But is this the business you want?  If you scale this version of your business, you scale all the problems and the inefficiencies with it.  And it will be hard to solve these on a bigger scale with more hours because you will run out of time and energy.

Want to scale in a calm, efficient, and sustainable way instead?

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  • You are building your side gig but think it’s just not possible in the time you have each week.
  • You are a 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur who is feeling the strain of a growing business and find yourself working more than you want each week, even with a team.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do and you aren’t getting it all done, even though you are working a ton of hours.
  • You want to guilt free time off.
  • You want to simplify your schedule and get everything done in 30 hours or less.
  • You want to systematize and automate your business.
  • You want to simplify and clean up your biz so you can scale in an easy, calm and sustainable way.
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  1. Your 6 Month Plan to scale back your work week and scale up what you get done each week.

  2. Advanced Scheduling Work Book teaching you the 3 Principles of simple and effective scheduling.

  3. 6 Month Planner and Journal with daily and weekly step by step instruction to do the work of simplifying your schedule.

  4. Weekly group coaching to get my brain helping you apply the 3 scheduling principles to simplify and be more effective in your weekly schedule.

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  • Simplify your schedule to work 30 hours or less.
  • Systematize and automate, without using more time or energy.
  • Who to hire and when to hire them.
  • Create project plans that guarantee you hit every deadline, in a calm and efficient way, every time.
  • Enjoy your time off, guilt free so you can fully recharge and take care of yourself, your family, and your life.
  • Stop wasting time procrastinating, distracting, perfecting, spinning in indecision, and trying to be and do everything for everyone else.
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